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To be a national and international reference of the sector in which we operate, aligned with the best practices in the market at the level of productivity, with permanent innovation, thus assuming a strong identity, recognized in technical competence through the provision of an excellent service to our customers and the community.

We are a dynamic, cohesive innovative group, proud of its history, a believer of its values ​​and respectful of the contexts of the places where it carries out its activity.

With a tradition of more than a decade, but with the modernity of those who continually reinvent themselves, with a triangular culture of service and fulfilment to our customers, personal and professional development of our employees and strong appreciation, recognition and creation of value for our shareholders.

The diversity of our businesses and geographies, its valence and competences, the ingrained sharing of its professionals, an organization that has demonstrated its flexibility and a strategy whose correct results attest, has been the success factors of our group.

Consolidation of the sense of belonging, respect for differences, loyalty, and reciprocity in a global and culturally diverse context, maintaining pride in the past and reinforcing confidence in the future.

A brief view of what PVS Moulds Group represents that we are proud to share and communicate on our institutional website.

Vitor Sousa / A administração


PVS Moldes is currently located in a small location of the centre region of Portugal, circa 120 Km from Lisbon, 190 Km from Oporto and about 15 km away from Nazaré.

The company is installed in a modern building with a total area of 4850m2; of which 3250m2 are exclusively for the manufacture of injection moulds, where we have available the most advanced technologies to serve our clients.

With over 20 years of experience, we have the capacity to provide our customers and potential customers, comprehensive solutions, since the conception and design, engineering, production, mould trials, and including the possibility, by demand, of pre-series.

Furthermore, PVS Moldes has a park of milling machines ranging from 3 axis, 4 axis and to 5 axis with a yearly capacity of 160.000 hours available and with a maximum machining capacity of 3250x1700mm, thus providing moulds in a size up to 35T.

We have available a strong and highly qualified team of professionals, hardworking and prepared with the highest technology and know-how.

We are committed to work hard, whilst providing quality services and accepting new challenges.

In this segment, PVS Moldes is prepared with everything needed to achieve the goals of our clients and as well, our own.

The PVS Moldes Group is certified by the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.


PVS Portugal Group has as its mission the commitment of Improvement and Satisfaction of Customers, Employees and other Interested Parties, with the objective of conquering an image of a Group of Excellence in the market.

To offer its customers the most advanced technology, know-how and a strong and dedicated team, so that each Customer recommends our products and services.


To be a reference company and conquer a leading position, in the national and international market, within the trading, engineering and manufacture of metallic moulds for plastic injection and the production of plastic parts.


Customer Orientation

Promote customer’s satisfaction and loyalty


To be a pioneer in the use of state-of-the-art technology for continuous improvement of products and services

and Team Spirit

To encourage teamwork, cooperation and good relationship

Respect and Honesty

In internal and external relations

Competence and Rigor

In the compliance of the requirements established by the customer


In the objectives and goals to be achieved working with passion and commitment

Results Orientation

To reach the established objectives according to the defined quality standards, resources, deadlines and costs


PVS Portugal Group has as strategic guidelines:

To build solid relationships with our Customers through personalized support and closeness to ensure their trust and loyalty.

To offer high quality products and services fulfilling their requirements and exceeding their expectations.

To promote the continuous development of all employees, encouraging the capacity for initiative, promoting teamwork, providing the necessary training and ensuring an adequate working environment for the performance of their duties.

To establish trustful and long-term relationships that stand out for being mutually beneficial.

To achieve positive results that correspond to the return on investments and ensure the continuity and expansion of the company in the markets where it operates for the benefit of all interested parties.

To ensure compliance with the legislation, regulations and requirements in force applicable to its activity, as well as the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

To continuously improve the processes and efficiency of the Quality Management System by defining, measuring and monitoring the objectives and by raising the awareness of all personnel, clients and other interested parties to its importance



Innovation & Know-How
Constant Technological Innovation

Strong technical knowledge and language skills

On-time deliveries / Planning and Progress Reports Updated Weekly

Good business relations and transparency with all our customers

Your project in good hands

From concept until final samples
(in-house mould trials)

All our moulds are 100% manufactured internally

Company certified by ISO 9001: 2015 and with high environmental concern

Maintenance assistance ensured even after normal guaranty period of the mould has expired


Foundation of PVS Moldes

PVS Moldes – Technical Design and 3D Modeling Office is founded by Victor Paulo de Sousa, exclusively dedicated to the design of molds for plastic injection. Only in 2002 the first mold was sold, using external partnerships for its manufacture.

Turnkey service

To respond to its customers, PVS Moldes, starts to manufacture its own molds betting on a turn-key service. On the following, it acquires its first mold factory to continue its projects.

MRS Plastics

MRS – Plastic Products & Bi-Material Moulds, a company dedicated to plastic injection, is born. Initially with 2 injection machines – 120T and 300T – it is now possible to test some of your molds internally.

Group PVS Portugal

The physical joining of the companies takes place in a single location. Therefore, team work and the relationship between departments were strengthened, resulting in productivity gains, reduced operating costs and, consequently, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Akiplast New Brand

The Akiplast® brand, a registered trademark of MRS Plastics, is created, dedicated to the commercialization and manufacture of medium / high range tableware.


PVS Molds

At PVS Moldes our goal is to find the best solutions in the minimum possible time, and for this, there is continuous contact with customers, so that the mould is designed with the design and specifications required by the client.

We have a professional and dedicated team that uses cutting edge technology to manufacture your moulds with the best quality.

We constantly supervise the production of the moulds according to the requirements and specifications of the client, in order to meet the agreed delivery time and guarantee their total satisfaction.

This supervision is complemented by sending a weekly progress report, with updated information, graphics and photographs, of the development status of each project.

MRS Plastics

MRS Plastics is equipped with a complete range of injection machines with clamping forces that vary between 50T and 1600T. This variety of machines allows the moulds to be tested internally, and small pre-series can also be produced.